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Lots of new stuff

2011-08-14 10:46:49 by EvilHatX

Alright, apparently I can't upload everything in here at once - So you can check out all my new music with the Sabertooth project at Facebook:

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sabertoo th-Music/212222232133706

New album announced

2011-04-11 17:52:06 by EvilHatX

The first official demo from my upcoming album has been released here on Newgrounds and on Soundcloud.

New Free Album Released!

2010-11-07 16:35:44 by EvilHatX


Avatar Tribute

2010-01-18 17:29:24 by EvilHatX

I have been inactive on Newgrounds.com for quite a while now, but will make a short return with the four-pieced released of "Avatar Tribute". This is the first project in a while where I compose for myself, and thus don't create third-party material that is exclusively licensed to another project (and hence cannot legally be submitted here).

I hope for some useful feedback on my project as I will release some demos before the final releasedestimated for mid-February.

Death Aboard 7.0

2009-08-29 16:36:12 by EvilHatX

I have recently completed the soundtrack for the Left 4 Dead Mod "Death Aboard" by Petter "Diputs" Hesse. Check the complete soundtrack at www.hunermund.dk, and if you own Left 4 Dead you can try the campaign (for free) by following one of the download links.

Update for June and July 2009

2009-06-19 16:56:05 by EvilHatX

I havn't submitted any new music since the few releases of the Expocalypse soundtrack, of which I eventually decided to hold back the rest. I don't feel like supporting a community with free music, when people rage-vote 0s and 1s without giving some proper feedback - Especially when the I'm here FOR the feedback.

Furthermore, the lack of other tracks is due to my participation in a project with exclusive material (meaning it cannot be shared). This also explains why the woodwinds demo has drawn back.

The Expocalypse soundtrack was handed over yesterday, and I'll be uploading a handful of the tracks here on Newgrounds. A couple of tracks were uploaded yesterday, and apparently I can only upload 2 a day. So hang in there, and vote/review fairly (as in "Don't vote 0 because you don't understand classical music" which has happened to all of the uploaded tracks so far).

Have a nice day, and I hope you're going to enjoy the soundtrack!

Expocalypse previews

2009-04-29 11:31:39 by EvilHatX

Dispite what I wrote in the previous post I've decided to upload a few Expocalypse demos. These are however early versions and come with a few issues that will be fixed in the final mixing session. But of course, any kind of possible feedback is welcome. The Expocalypse soundtrack is intended to dipict a dark and epic story, and thus comes with combined heroic and horror-toned themes. So far two have been uploaded, and one which was inteded to be uploaded today has been postponed.

Contest Round-up & Current Work

2009-04-19 20:36:22 by EvilHatX

The special contest edition of "4-2-1" made it to be among the final five winning tracks of the F-777 Feelings of Music competition. Needless to say, it's a result I'm very proud of and it's an honour to share the Top 5 spotlight with the other four winners.

I havn't added new tracks to Newgrounds for a while, and there's a perfectly good explination for this: Time. Whenever something was added before, it was usually work done for other projects like D2D. Currently, I'm producing music for Audio Jungle and my final exam project ("Expocalypse"). I'm on an exclusive deal with Audio Jungle, so everything I produce for them cannot be shown elsewhere (like Newgrounds). The Expocalypse soundtrack, however, will be released on Newgrounds and my personal website once the project is completed and submitted. This happens May 29, 2009.

I just added a new short percussion demo I found while digging through some stuff I made earlier this year. It uses the Tonehammer Epic Toms which I have already recommended on several occasions, and then it has some background layers made with VSL instruments.

Then I, as told in a previous post, submitted 4-2-1 to the F-777 Feeling of Music contest, now in the flavours of a new version which has a few melodic changes to it and a lot of changes mixing and mastering-wise.

The third and last thing I want to inform the probably only reader to ever see this is that I started creating my own samples and made none less than 155 alternative percussion samples on my first day. I bought the Behringer C-1 full-membrane microphone for the job and I'm very impressed with the quality compared to the price (mere DKK 500,00 - around EU70). I hope to share the least a demo of the samples soon enough.