New percussion demo, contest and more...

2009-03-29 21:03:13 by EvilHatX

I just added a new short percussion demo I found while digging through some stuff I made earlier this year. It uses the Tonehammer Epic Toms which I have already recommended on several occasions, and then it has some background layers made with VSL instruments.

Then I, as told in a previous post, submitted 4-2-1 to the F-777 Feeling of Music contest, now in the flavours of a new version which has a few melodic changes to it and a lot of changes mixing and mastering-wise.

The third and last thing I want to inform the probably only reader to ever see this is that I started creating my own samples and made none less than 155 alternative percussion samples on my first day. I bought the Behringer C-1 full-membrane microphone for the job and I'm very impressed with the quality compared to the price (mere DKK 500,00 - around EU70). I hope to share the least a demo of the samples soon enough.


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