Contest Round-up & Current Work

2009-04-19 20:36:22 by EvilHatX

The special contest edition of "4-2-1" made it to be among the final five winning tracks of the F-777 Feelings of Music competition. Needless to say, it's a result I'm very proud of and it's an honour to share the Top 5 spotlight with the other four winners.

I havn't added new tracks to Newgrounds for a while, and there's a perfectly good explination for this: Time. Whenever something was added before, it was usually work done for other projects like D2D. Currently, I'm producing music for Audio Jungle and my final exam project ("Expocalypse"). I'm on an exclusive deal with Audio Jungle, so everything I produce for them cannot be shown elsewhere (like Newgrounds). The Expocalypse soundtrack, however, will be released on Newgrounds and my personal website once the project is completed and submitted. This happens May 29, 2009.


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