EvilHatX's News

New track and contest entry

2009-02-22 05:43:49 by EvilHatX

I released a new D2D track called "Breaking Facades", and I also submitted "4-2-1" to F-777's Feeling of Music contest, to get an idea of the song that does not involve the "I love trance so I vote 0" attacks there seem to be around here. Cheers.

Two New Extracts

2009-02-03 20:50:11 by EvilHatX

I just submitted "Rendition" from the official D2D soundtrack, which is also used for the opening trailer of www.effectrender.com. The other extract is "... For What Comes Next" which sound and instrumentation wise walks on the footsteps of 4-2-1.

New D2D Extract

2009-01-27 20:37:33 by EvilHatX

I've released another extract of the soundtrack from the upcoming Left 4 Dead MOD called D2D. The new theme, 4-2-1 - originally called "Four Piece" - is intended to become the collective theme for the whole cast.